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Hey, it’s Jerome here with quick answers to some frequent questions. Feel free to email or use the comment section to post new questions. Thanks for checking out CXM.
Why aren’t the pages in color?
My ultimate goal is to have the entire “Nowhere Man” mini-series in color, but due to limited time, I’ve decided to focus on finishing the series in black and white first. Because my preferred style tends to be very detail-oriented, remaining in black and white for the time being allows me to be consistent with a very modest update schedule. Splash pages and thumbnails are good way for me to do some color studies of what I want the series to feel like when I get a chance to really focus on coloring.

What is the update schedule?

For now, I update with two pages every Monday. I know that’s not as frequent as some fans would like to see, but I do try to be very consistent. Unless there is something really unforeseen, two pages are added to the most recent chapter. Thankfully, I have a decent buffer of material for 2012 that will help me to maintain that schedule.

Will there be a book?
I really want to do a few books actually, it might be a little early right now to do a book, but the first one will probably be forthcoming fairly soon. If you are interested in being on the list for being notified when a book is available, sign up for the newsletter. Plus you’ll also get special sneak peeks of material about four times a year.

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