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About The Comixmag Venture

Spider-Man, we love you, keep web slinging. Batman, you’re awesome, you own the night. And to all the other heroes out there, maybe you will save the world one day. For now COMIXMAG is here as a platform to a few indie narratives that have yet to break through.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, COMIXMAG (CXM) is an independent comics and entertainment media venture founded in 2010 by artist and writer, Jerome Walford. Projects in development by the venture cover a wide range of genres, but all focus on timeless themes that reflect the strength and struggles of the human spirit. The Blue Griffin Studio is home for CXM. The Blue Griffin is a boutique ad agency where Jerome produces advertising and commercial illustration work.

CXM’s current feature-length project is a graphic novel mini-series titled “Nowhere Man”. This crime drama series is a psychological thriller that follows the journey of an ambitious police detective to unravel a major conspiracy, even as he struggles to deal with the loss of his own father on 9/11. The story is driven by strong complex character relationships and challenges the reader to not take any detail for granted.

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