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split second game review

Split Second, doesn’t quite make up for Disney breaking the hearts of some Marvel fans in late 2009 (see some reactions here) by the outright purchase of Marvel. But none the less its worth a lap or two around the track.

split second poster

Speaking as a non racing video gamer, this first version Split Second by Disney Interactive is thoroughly enjoyable and incredibly well done. With rich environments and cars rendered to the tiniest pixel, its quite possible to completely wipeout because your admiring the view (as reflected off the rear windshield). Game controls are fairly strong, so for someone like me (a non racing video gamer) learning the game play wasn’t too burdensome.

Okay room for improvement:
1. The cars are way too unbalanced. Particularly when playing online, lower ranked/skilled players stand no chance whatsoever.
2. Drop the front bumper cam. No one is going to really need that.
3. Add the option to use your powerup to do other things, ie. a nitro boost.
4. Allow users to build credit points and build custom class cars ie. Modern Warfare 2.
5. Rank online matches online so players can play against cars or other players with relatively equal experience.

In summary this is a game title worth getting and keeping tabs on. Its like Pixar’s Cars for big boys. One last thing, just saw the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 trailer on youtube. WOW, check out some of the gameplay here. This is one of my favorite titles. Fans of this title have been waiting for literally a decade. If Disney can throw its full support behind Marvel planned movie productions, and highly anticipated releases like this one, Marvel fandom might unavoidably hate Disney a little bit less.

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